World Halal Day 2016, Opatija

We are proud that we could be part of this great event of the Halal market, which was held in opatija from od 02.11. – 04.11.2016. and brought together participants end exhibitors from around the world. The congress dicussed the future of Halal marker, trends and how to inform people who are not familirat with the sign what is the meaning of Halal food. Among the certificates that our product have is the Halal certificate, too, which doesn’t mean that our products are for Muslims, but it basically means that ingredients we use are not of pork origin and that there is no alcohol and GMO ingredients. Also, the sign indicates the standard of quality.

halal-6 At this very important event we have collected a lot of important information to help us introduce our products to the world markets where they, because of the quality, certainly belong.