Crispness and chocolate in purest form.

eko tamna čokolada

On his journeys Columbus discovered that the inhabitants of Central America, the Toltec and Aztec Indians, produced “Xocolātl” (xoc = bitter, atle = water) using water, chili peppers and cocoa beans, to make a vitality drink with aphrodisiac properties. He brought cocoa to the Europeans who added sugar to it. They were so fascinated by the properties of cocoa that they gave it the Latin name “theobroma” = food of the gods. The main ingredient of this crunchy dessert is just such cocoa beans, grown without artificial fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, same as the other plants from which this unique organic cookie is made. You may not feel all the health benefits of this cookie right away, but you will find that it is damn good as soon as you open this packet.