The sparrows in our trees already know what is gingerol and which benefits for humans brings consumption of ginger. There is not enough space here to list all fibers, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids from amazing Latin American chia seeds. It took us more than a year of testings to harmonize these two fantastic ingredients with coconut and other raw materials. At the and, we salted everything with a crumb of Himalayan salt. Don’t worry, „GingeriX“ is still a crunchy sweet.

After you munch it, together with the chia seeds, you will feel the freshness and slightly prickly taste in your mouth and joy in your soul for a good munch. You bit a cookie sweetened with natural sugar replacer-maltitol. Even sparrows from the top know that consumption of foods containing maltitol instead of sugar contributes to teeth mineralization. Beside fibers from chia seeds „GingeriX“ contains bamboo fibers making this cookie a source of fiber. There are no GMO ingredients but all are from vegetable source the cookie may be consumed by vegans, too.

That’s how it goes when you make cookies of superfoods!