You are looking at the this cookie and thinking; ¨Why is this cookie so dark? I guess it is burned.˝ Really, it is hard to find so dark tea biscuit. Yes, sometimes they do get burned, but such are not packed. So, why is ‘Integralix’ so dark. The thing is very simple, over 80% of flour used to make this cookie is GMO free domestic whole wheat flour and dark color is obtained from wheat grain envelope. In the past, people would were removing it and giving it to, as bran, to the animals. It is as healthy as peeling the bark off homemade apple and discarding it. And just because of that envelope this biscuit is high fiber, protein and iron. It is sugar free, but this is not noticeable since it is sweetened with natural sugar replacement – maltitol. Food sweetened with maltitol contributes to the keeping of teeth mineralization. In addition, “IntegraliX” is 100% plant origin, so it can be enjoyed by vegetarians and vegans. This natural product deserves packaging which doesn’t harm nature so it is packed in paper bag and biodegradable container.

When you look closely at the table nutritional value and take into account the fact that “IntegraliX” does not contain any GMO ingredient, then this whole wheat record holder is not only crisp and easy to digest sweet, but also a crumb of health on your table!