When we have, in the last millennium, introduced ‘Zobelix’ for the first time, marketing experts have predicted a complete failure of this product because it is not particularly nice. And there were also mean suggestions to offer it to horse breeders because horses love oat. In terms of looks they were probably right. When it comes to horses situation has not changed; horses still prefer oats as squirrels love nuts. But ‘Zobelix’ is for years one of our most popular products. What have the experts missed? First of all, ‘Zobelix’ has very interesting nutritional value; it is rich in fiber from chicory (oligofructose) and it has plentiful of oat flakes which are rich in iron. Iron contributes to the normal function of the immune system. It is sugar free, but this is not noticeable since it is sweetened with natural sugar replacement – maltitol. Food sweetened with maltitol contributes to the keeping of teeth mineralization. It has a nice touch of cinnamon to have great scent and it can be consumed by diabetics, too. It is harmless to the environment, packaging is biodegradable and it is not going to be found by our descendants. Put it all together, maybe ‘Zobelix’ is not the most beautiful cookie you have ever seen, but it is above all tasty and crispy dessert, while because of its nutritional value it is also a crumb of health on your table!