with whole wheat FLOUR, honey

and raw cane sugar

Whole wheat flour is the main ingredient of this our product we have proudly made since 1998. It is called whole wheat because it is made by milling the complete wheat grain. Grain envelope, bran, is not removed during the process so it remained in the flour. Bran is nothing else but insoluble cellulose fiber (that is why ˝Integral˝ is source of fiber) which of course, positively affects digestion. How it affects it we are not allowed to write on product description, but you can find out a lot of information by experts. Even it contains bran, ˝Integral˝ is not insipid as you could think. Oh, no, indeed! It is sweetened with raw cane sugar, there is also some honey, and also a little bit of coconut. Along with great taste, there is also vitamin B-2 (riboflavin). It does not have any problems with high temperatures so, even after baking, it helps maintaining good vision and normal functioning of nerve system and metabolism of producing energy. Even this cookie has ingredients that are not common in big manufacturer products, it is a small bite which will make your day better. And because of its original nutritional values, it is a crumb of vitality on your table!