with cocoa

and raw cane sugar

More than 3000 years before Columbus discovered America, Indians Aztecs were growing an unusual plant in the area of today’s Mexico. They moved it further and it was happily accepted by the Mayans and the Toltecs. From roasted ans grounded cocoa beans, Aztecs were making their “miracle potion” – xocolatl (xoc = bitter, atle = water). They believed that xocolatl has aphrodisiac properties and forbade women to drink it, while cocoa beans had so much value to be used as means of payment. Spanish conquerors brought cocoa to the Old Continent, and how much it was appreciated by the Europeans is best evidenced by Latin name for cocoa: “Theobroma” – food of the gods.

Our technologist helped theirselves with the ancient knowledge of the Aztecs. Among abundant application of “xocolatl”, they have added raw cane sugar, butter and other selected ingredients creating unique, dark, crunchy sweet which is also a source of fiber – “Kakaosi”. With the help of Aztecs and “food of the gods”.