with coconut

and raw cane sugar

Once upon a time, Sinbad the Sailor had docked next to some biggish island. He sat under the tree and leaned on it to get some rest and to enjoy the tropical landscape. Suddenly, some hard, hairy ball fell from the tree directly on his had. In anger, Sinbad drew his sword and cut the hairy ball in half. He discovered that it was some kind of fruit, so he picked one half and took a bite. The longer he chewed, the taste was even better. He decided to shake more of those fruits from the tree and take them with him. Having sold a lot of coconuts, Sinbad returned home rich once again.

The island was called Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) and to this day the highest quality coconuts in the world are coming from there. Dried and grated coconut remained, from time of Sinbad the Sailor to date, one of the finest supplements in biscuits and cakes. When vanilla and raw cane sugar added, we get a complete, crunchy tropical experience called “Kokosovi poljupci”(Coconut Kisses).